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Posted by on June 27, 2018

This trip has been one for the books! It began on Sunday (June, 10)  with a 15 hour flight around the world. Coming into the airport in Mumbai, we hit a monsoon storm. It was quite the adrenaline rush as the huge Boeing 747 dipped and rose and the passengers reacted in unison with squeals! After that welcome, we prepared to go through customs. The only question we were asked was how long our flight was. God’s hand was truly upon us!

 The next day we took a flight across the country and a car trip up into the mountains. Driving in India is a harrowing experience since it seems the only rules are:
    1. Don’t hit anyone (or cows)
    2. Use your horn in every situation
              Our stop in the mountains was Kodaikanal. There are 16 Bethania projects in Kodai run by Josephine.
  All I can say about Josephine is the way she lives reflects Jesus SO beautifully. Just look at that smile!

Arriving at Shalom home we were warmly welcomed with a live band and a full program including singing, dancing, and reciting of scripture.

After we taught a music lesson, the girls pressed in all talking at once. “Seeeeester, what is my name??” They were so disappointed when we couldn’t remember every one of their Tamil names after 45 minutes.

Hannah took pictures of each girl holding a white board with her name on it. Hopefully by the time we go back next month we will have them learned!

One girl asked me (Annaliese) if I had a skin problem as she stroked my white arms and pinched my checks. I tried to reply “no”  but another little girl standing there folded her hands and said, “I will PRAY for you!”

Day 2 – The women of Bethania’s Women Empowerment Program (WEP) had a retreat and we were asked to share with them. These women are learning about Jesus as well as seamstress skills to help support their families.

During the afternoon session us “sisters” slipped downstairs to Mabel daycare center. We watched the children scoop rice up in their tiny hands and into their mouths with absolute precision.

It was nap time so we helped settle them on the floor, five under one blanket.

Before we left Kodai we visited Bryant Park, and walked through the gardens.

At the end of the week we took a train from Kodai to Nagercoil. We are now safely settled at Grace home and will stay here for 3 weeks. Our stay in India has already been a whirlwind of eye opening adventures, and it has only been one week. We both feel great and have not experienced any sickness! Thank you for all your prayers, they are working! Watch out for more updates as we will continue to post regularly.

In Christ,

Hannah & Annaliese




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