Mission Statement

Bethania Kids is a Christian mission that works to bring wholeness and hope to orphaned, abandoned, and disabled children in India. The mission of Bethania Kids is to nurture and equip the children of India to change their world through Jesus’ love. Bethania Kids defines nurturing as providing food, clothing, shelter, medical and dental care, and emotional support. Equipping is defined as providing education and vocational training, and the development of a vision of service to others. The message is simple: Jesus loves children and cares deeply for them regardless of the circumstances of their birth. Through His love they will change their world.

Activities of Bethania Kids

The Bethania Foundation was formed in 1987 to provide financial support to independent Christian social welfare projects being conducted in South India. Since then, these projects have been pulled together under one organization, now called The Bethania Foundation, India. The primary focus of these projects is serving the needs of destitute and/or physically handicapped children who would otherwise face severe deprivation.

Current projects being conducted in Kodaikanal, South India, include (i) operation of Shalom Home for Girls; (ii) operation of two Day Care Centers for children afflicted with cerebral palsy and other health impairments; (iii) five day care centers for children of working women; and (iv) four after-school centers which provide afternoon tutorial assistance to primary school children; (v) three Women’s Empowerment Programs teaching textile skills to indigent women.

The Bethania Foundation also provides support to (i) Bethania Grace Children’s Home in Nagercoil, South India, (ii) Bethania Angel Children’s Home in Rajahmundry, India and (iii) the Bethania Children’s Home in Kannivadi, India. All of these residential homes exist to care for orphaned and disadvantaged children.