Since 1987, when Bethania Foundation was started, governance of the organization has evolved to its present structure. Originally Bethania Kids consisted of the founding families (Granner, Hennig and Dhanapal) with grants made to the original Kannivadi Home and eventually to other groups that had started homes, care centers, special schools, and women’s programs. Funds were requested by the leaders of these groups and grants were made to them. In 2009 the administration of our operations in India was formalized with the establishment of Bethania Foundation, India. We operate with two Boards; one located and incorporated in North America and the other in India.

The North American entity is entitled Bethania Foundation but referred to as Bethania Kids. It was incorporated in Minnesota as Gene Hennig lived and worked as an attorney in that state. Administrative offices are located in Winchester, Virginia. It is a registered 501(c)3 organization and member of ECFA (Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability). The primary function of the North America Board is to raise funds to financially support the ministry through residential homes, care centers, women’s programs and special needs schools. In addition, we liaise with our colleagues in India on strategy and plans, capital projects, financial needs and status of the ministry. Through trips to India, which are purpose-driven, we support, encourage, care and pray for staff, children and the operation of our ministries in India.

The North American Board officers include the Chair, President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Vice President. At the staff level, our Director of Development is in charge of fundraising and establishing and maintaining relationships with donors. Other staff manage our donations, publications, notes of thanks, website, database of donor records, payroll and accounting. The position of Chair serves as the liaison between the BOD and BOT.

The Indian entity is incorporated as Bethania Foundation, India. Incorporated in 2009, it serves as the operations and administration center for all Bethania Kids projects and programs which includes 85 staff, 15 project sites and 25 programs. Its offices are located in Bangalore, India. All property owned by Bethania Kids in India is held by the Bethania Foundation, India and all Bethania Kids staff managing our projects in India are employed by Bethania Foundation, India. Bethania Foundation, India has a valid FCRA number which is required by the Indian government for an organization to receive funds from outside India.

The Bethania Foundation, India manages the operation and administration through the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Directors for each project are responsible for the children and their respective programs. They are assisted by caregivers, teachers, cooks, and aides. In Kodaikanal and Dindigul, regional managers oversee the programs and staff of multiple projects. Each project has an annual budget and submits a monthly report of expenses, with receipts, to the office of Bethania Foundation, India, and also receives operating funds from the central office. Our financial systems are titled “activity based bookkeeping” (ABB) which results in transparency in financial management.

Charles Provankar, Chartered Accountants, is our accounting firm in India. They keep us, Bethania Foundation, abreast of India tax laws, employee payroll and withholding, and they file our taxes. The firm also instills in us the importance of good sound financial practice and records.

Click on the link below to see the organizational structure for Bethania Kids in both North America and India.

Bethania Kids Organizational Chart

Boards in both North America and India adhere to sound business practices. Accounts are audited annually and appropriate tax filings made. Budgets for the Fiscal Year (April 1 through March 31) are prepared and followed by both groups. Board meetings are held 3-4 times per year with Minutes and Motions duly recorded. The financial systems between North America and India are also totally aligned so funds withdrawn from an account in North America can be immediately reconciled as a credit to the same account in India.


The respective Boards hold international conference calls 2-3 times per year on topics such as capital projects, staff, government regulations, changes, and key issues. We act as partners for the benefit of the ministry and the children, women and families we serve.

Through the years, God has blessed Bethania Kids in countless ways. Prayer has always been at the center of our ministry. We pray that God continues to bless Bethania Kids, those who are served by the ministry and those who support the ministry.