claudiaGrowing up in south India has given me not only a profound awareness of the desperate needs of so many but also an understanding of what a huge difference just a little can make in the life of one person who has been helped. I was privileged to see the founding members of Bethania Kids reaching out to those in need even before Bethania Kids was formed; to witness the results of their vision and their faith in what has now become Bethania Kids begs for a deep commitment to continue God’s work as first inspired through them.

What makes Bethania Kids so extraordinary is that they care not just for one, or two, or a few, but at this time, 986 children. They provide care not just for their immediate physical needs like food, clothing and shelter, but for all their needs–emotional, spiritual, educational and health needs. And the commitment to each and every child in their care is not just for the present but from the time they come to us until they are ready to stand on their own and become independent, self-sufficient members of society with the belief and confidence in their own value as learned through the care and nurturing of Bethania’s incredible staff. It is a humbling honor to be a part of Bethania Kids. This is unquestionably God’s work here on earth.

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