Michael Head Shot 3Over many years of my faith walk and bible study I learned that in order to follow God, and now to work in this important ministry, I needed to make a number of life adjustments. These included my personal circumstances, relationships, thinking, commitments, actions and beliefs. I realized that I was being called to action by the Lord.  If we just listen closely, each of us can realize God invites us to have an intimate relationship with Him. However, He requires faith and action. God wants us to partner with Him to do His work reconciling those who are lost to Jesus anywhere in the world.

On a somewhat recent mission trip to India, I worked with and taught many of our children English as a Spoken Language (ESL) using curriculum developed by one of our Board of Advisors. We played games, drew pictures, spoke English and Tamil, their local language and dialect.  These children shared incredible stories about how they came to be with our Bethania Kids ministry. Some stories brought me to tears because no child should endure what many of these children have experienced in their short lives. They performed skits of bible stories as a means of practicing their English speaking skills and demonstrating their bible knowledge.

I can assure you that these children are wonderful, bright, happy and healthy. They look out for and after one another and love one another. I developed strong bonds with these children in a very short period of time and in each or our ministry locations.

Once again, it is not about what we want to do; it is all about what God wants us to do! That is why I wanted to share our story, serve as a member of the US Board of Directors, make my contribution, generate awareness; and hopefully raise money to take care of these beautiful children of India.

For me, this remains to be a God sized assignment with eternal implications and dimensions and offers and open ended experience with God.

Will you please help us serve the Lord?

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