Below is an excerpt from Executive Secretary in India, James Gnanakan, of his report while visiting villages in Orissa, India.

“Orissa State being one of the most back-ward states in India are backward in culturally and in socio-economic conditions. Every village/hamlet consists of around 20 to 50 families (there are places of 10 to 15 families too) within a distance of 2 to 3 kilometers of each other. On the whole, the villagers are of utter poverty, illiteracy and with several superstitious beliefs as they worship spirits. Every family consists of at least 2 to 3 children; they are aimless as several places do not have educational facilities. If there are educational facilities, they are only functioning for name’s sake since the teachers are residing in the nearby town and are not attending every day since it is a considerable distance of 10 to 15 kms with no proper transport facility for them to attend their duties daily.

In all these villages a particular flower with a special smell is cultivated which is processed into a drink that gives intoxication. Generally, without any difference both young and old of the family drink this and keep themselves mostly in a kind of numbness (elated state). One interesting thing is, mostly the spoken language from village to village differs; and the people of one village find to be not fluent with the people of other community in their speech. Added to that in these tribes too there is upper class and lower class who do not accept each other easily. In general what one class says right the other class negates the same….”

Bethania Kids will provide services to the people of Orissa, giving their children nutritious food, proper hygiene, medical care, and an education all in a loving, Christian environment. Below are pictures of a few of the children we will be caring for.