Plan Your Trip

By Alan Lull

Attitude and Flexibility

  1. While in India, sometimes things do not go as planned. It’s important to remember to be flexible at all times.
  2. As a mission trip leader, I will never ask anyone to do something I wouldn’t do. If I ask you to do something and can’t explain at that time, please don’t question me. There are times when I need to be making very important decisions or there is something going on that the team does not know about and there is no time to talk about it at that time. Later, there will be time to debrief. In my 17 years of ministry, I have only had to pull rank two or three times so if I do, please respect my authority.

**Now that you have read through this material, please reflect and contact me.**

Alan Lull
Youth and Mission Director
St. John’s Lutheran Church
Westbend, WI

Work #: (262) 334-4901 #305
Cell #: (262) 707-9198

Details of going – Seek God in the Pain

  1. Drink lots of water
  2. Snacks
  3. Shoes off on plane, no sandals
  4. Sore throat
  5. Hand stuff
  6. Aleve-med kit we need
  7. CD /books / We all need to sing/dance
  8. $ double it and drop the last 2 numbers
  9. Big and small bills in separate pockets
  10. SMILE – Never frown or point at gross stuff
  11. Airport / train keep things simple, no clutter
  12. Do NOT crowd or talk with me or team leader – hotel/drivers
  13. 3 sets of clothes, long pants nice shirts/ 10 underwear/bathroom
  14. Medications- we need to know all
  15. If something goes wrong we need to handle it
  16. All we need is $, tickets, Passport
  17. Eye wear/ glasses
  18. When we eat, look and order, don‘t over eat – KEEP IT SIMPLE
  19. Bring alarm clock & use it! Don‘t be late.
  20. Give me your passports, make 2 copies for Alan, team leader
  21. Tums are great, – car sickness
  22. Keeping warm – long underwear / hood sweatshirt
  23. No skin / do not wear sun glasses
  24. Do what they do, watch THEM, copy them
  25. We will pray and bless them / ask good questions / be bold!
  26. When they are talking/ worshiping – Don‘t chat or whisper-focus
  27. I will do all the tipping, unless you are by yourself
  28. No secret gifts, don‘t give $ to beggars
  29. Hand towels: wet wipes
  30. Always pray, look for sharing time, ALWAYS even now / fast
  31. Keep a record of spending / we will give an offering
  32. Order 2 cups of coffee right away, (water/tea)
  33. Books, posters, games, any little fun stuff, give all gifts to leaders
  34. Keep all telephone #’s and address of hotel, take a taxi and I will pay for it.
  35. Only use your right hand when eating.