Plan Your Trip

By Alan Lull

Engaging with the children

As visitors to Bethania Kids, you are encouraged to use our newly designed Visitors’  ESL kit to help you nurture and equip the children of Bethania Kids to change their world through Jesus’ love. It’s an “ESL Kit” because it facilitates interaction in the children’s second language – English. A primary educational goal held by the Bethania Kids Board and Staff in India is to equip the children of Bethania Kids to speak English. All of our Bethania Kids study English as a Second Language in their schools, but they have little opportunity to hear or speak it. Our Visitors’ ESL Program will give them valuable opportunities to do both.

Pray – Pray – Pray!!

The kids and leaders will ask that you bless them and pray with them.

** Please smile and laugh when you are with the children!!**


**Now that you have read through this material, please reflect and contact one of us.**