Plan Your Trip

By Alan Lull

Do‘s (the opposite of Don‘ts) of the land

  1. DO – Make sure you have your Passport/Visa and money at all times.
  2. DO – Have two Xerox copies of your passport, one for the team leader and one hidden away in your luggage somewhere.
  3. DO – Get to the airport/train station 2 to 3 hours ahead of time. Planes and trains often board up to one hour ahead of time. Stay together as a team for an hour or so before leaving time. Do not be late for anything! YOU CAN MISS YOUR FLIGHT!! IT HAS HAPPENED!!
  4. DO – Check and double check your gate number and your time of departure.
  5. DO – Keep your luggage simple. Carry only one piece of hand luggage. You don‘t need to have many little bags. Know exactly what you have and where it is at all times.
  6. When going through any airport, be alert. Have everything organized and easy to get out for the authorities.
  7. DO – Keep all luggage tickets/baggage claim forms.
  8. DO – Keep all boarding passes, custom forms, and emergency numbers available.
  9. DO – Be polite, smile, and do what ever security asks. Stay calm.
  10. Some India airports have you put a tag on EVERYTHING. If this is the case, even a camera strap or fanny pack needs to have this or you will NOT get on the plane. Be alert! Know what is expected and watch others ahead of you.
  11. DO – Be friendly to those around you on the flight. Share Christ!
  12. DO – Help each other out. Be encouraging and be a servant.