Plan Your Trip

By Alan Lull

Food / water / snacks

  1. Bring extra snacks for the flight and for while we’re in India. People have brought granola bars and trail mix in the past. You will be well feed throughout the trip so feel free to share your snacks with the kids.
  2. The coffee is great there, very strong! The juice and tea is very good as well. We stayed at The Residency both times and never heard of anyone getting sick.
  3. The drivers will know where to take you to eat so you won‘t get sick. I would like you to have an adventurous spirit and try all the food at least once! Everything is spicy, so mild is hot enough. Most restaurants also have a yogurt like cool drink called ‘lassi’ that is very good. Have fun trying new things!
  4. If the homes where the children live (orphanages) give you anything to eat or drink, feel free to accept it or simply say “no thank-you.” They would never serve you anything that would make you sick.
  5. Peeled fruit is OK to eat, as well as anything that is boiled for twenty minutes. If you‘re not sure about this, do not eat or drink it. This includes tea and coffee from a small roadside stands. Restaurants are fine for tea and coffee but not for water. Bring your own bottled water or order it from your waiter.
  6. Do not use your LEFT hand when eating. Only the right hand is supposed to touch food; the left hand is used for other bathroom purposes and people will think you are simply gross if you eat food with that hand! You can use your left hand to move dishes or to drink a cup of coffee with. Even if you are left-handed, don‘t touch food with your left hand. So make a note!!