Plan Your Trip

By Alan Lull

How to know if you are ready to go

  1. Have you prayed about going to India?Can you look into people‘s eyes and say “I really think God wants me to go.”?
    Are you ready to ask people (25 to 40 +) to pray for you and support you if need be?
  2. Can you get other adults to recommend you to go?Have you asked your family / spouse for their blessing?
    Have you received wisdom from your mentors?
  3. Has your doctor said you were physically able to travel?
  4. Do you have the money to help the team if you cannot raise it?
  5. Do you have a passport and have you made two Xerox copies for the team leader?
  6. Have you filled out the forms to receive a Visa? The telephone number for a Visa is 248-244- 8470.  Have them Fax all information to you, or visit their website