Plan Your Trip

By Alan Lull

Travel details and money / tipping

  1. Make sure that you plan ahead and start early. Put a time line together with every detail you can think of, like getting passports and visas, planning ministry events, team meetings and doctor visits. One way is to list everything you can under the following:Who: What: Where: When: Why: Cost $

    Bring: Bible/Prayer: Mission / Goals:

    Gifts: Medication/shots: Other key People:

    List of Supporters: Health / Permission: Rules:

    Safety / health issues: Food / Water: Sleeping / Rides / Transportation:

  2. Ask questions:
    1. Who is going to take you to the airport?
    2. Is your WILL/estate up to date?
    3. Does your insurance know about your travel plans?
    4. What is the TOTAL COST of this trip? (including health costs)
    5. What can I do to help prepare the team?
  3. Tipping: $1.00 is 43 rupees (about)
    1. If anyone handles your bag, give them 10 rupees per bag or (.25 cents) this goes for the airport and hotel. Do not overpay or underpay these people. 10 rupees a bag is the correct amount to tip in India.
    2. A driver will charge from Rupees 400 to 1000 for each trip. Usually the travel agency will arrange this ahead so you do not pay the driver directly. If the driver does not get lost, is on time, and is very helpful, you might give him Rs. 50 to 100 privately in addition to what you pay the travel agent.
    3. Only one person should take care of all money, bills and tipping so there is no confusion.
  4. Personal Money
    1. Each person should carry money on them in case they want to buy something.
    2. It is a good idea for you to have all the small bills, 10‘s, 20‘s, 50‘s in one side of your pocket and have all big bills in the other side so you don‘t draw attention to all the money you have.
    3. Some places will not be able to break large bills, so keep small bills on you as well.
    4. It is always appropriate to barter the price of items that you buy, except food and drink.