Plan Your Trip

By Alan Lull

What to Bring (Gifts & Games)

  1. Bathroom stuff. Bring only a hand towel. No need for a large towel.
  2. Neck pillow for the plane. Snacks / water
  3. Light color clothing / long shorts / tennis shoes
  4. Ear plugs / shower shoes / swim suit / foot powder
  5. CD player / journal / good book / BIBLE / plastic cup / spoon
  6. Sun screen / wet wipes / hand sanitizer / tissues / sun glasses
  7. Don‘t over pack / take just what you need / extra batteries
  8. Pens / Bible verses to memorize
  9. You can only take two suit cases, 50 lbs each and one piece of carry on.

City sidewalk in India

Gifts to Bring:

  1. Crayons / markers / paints & brushes / Beanie Babies
  2. Big puppets / balloons / pictures from home & family
  3. Small rubber balls / checkers / light weight board games
  4. Posters
  5. DVD‘s rated .G. / Educational / Worship / Christian
  6. Gum / candy that little kids can‘t choke on (tootsie rolls maybe)
  7. Soccer Ball / Volley Ball / Hair brush & combs
  8. Colorful Rubber bands and beads for little girls‘ hair
  9. CD player with extra batteries & many CD‘s
  10. Large Picture Books to read to the kids
  11. Hackie Sack
  12. Vitamins for each child (bring as much as you can)
  13. School supplies

Songs to Sing:

  1. Make a song book to share. The team might want a song book of worship songs but prepare a book of action songs to sing with the kids. It would be best if the team could practice and know a few songs really well.Examples: Father Abraham / Hokey Pokey / Head Shoulders Knees & Toes
  2. Bring a guitar / keep singing the same songs

Games to play:

  1. Simon Says / Charades / Back to Back Art / Kick Ball
  2. Act out Bible stories, get the kids to repeat words & actionsExamples: 10 Lepers / Farmer & the Seed / Good Samaritan /Sheep and the Goats / Faith like a Mustard Seed
  3. In my Father‘s House / Let the Children come to me
  4. 2 Greatest Commands / Seek Ye 1st the Kingdom of God

Object Lessons:

  1. Colorful Beads to show the gospel
  2. Puppets / bring a crown, who is #1 in your life
  3. Flash light to show the power inside, like Holy Spirit
  4. Extension Cord, plugged into Jesus to have power/faith
  5. Gift Box, Faith is a gift. You need to receive it & say thank you!
  6. Map is like a Bible. Use it so you don‘t get lost or forget how to live/love!

Pray – Pray- Pray!!

The kids and leaders will ask that you bless them and pray with them.

**Please smile and laugh when you are with the children!! **