Keerthika Receives an Open-Heart Surgery

12 year-old Keerthika was born with a congenital heart disease called Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) commonly referred to as a “hole in the heart.” Many times, children born with this condition do not require any surgical attention as the hole closes on its own after the child’s first few years of life. However, there are some children that require a corrective open-heart surgery. Keerthika is one of those children. She was admitted to the hospital this past September to receive a surgery that would fill a hole in her heart.

While physically this may have been the first hole to get filled in Keerthika’s heart, there have also been many emotional and spiritual holes needing to be filled in her life. At only 2 months old, Keerthika’s father tragically passed away from a heart attack. When she was only 7 years old, her mother was also taken from this earth. Losing both of her parents at such a tender age left Keerthika devastated and wondering who would take care of her. She was sent to live with her grandmother, but being very old and fragile, her grandmother could not provide her with adequate care. That is when Keerthika was brought to Bethania Kids.

Since coming to Bethania Kids, Keerthika has been filling the deep holes left in her heart. The first hole to be filled was her loss of family. She is now surrounded by over 30 sisters at the Shalom Home in Kodaikanal and a loving staff and house mother who all care deeply about her. She also attends church every Sunday where she found a new Father to look after her and fill her heart with the love and affection that a young girl craves.

If Keerthika were not brought to the Bethania Kids home, the holes in her heart and in her life would have gone untreated. Keerthika expresses her gratitude to all those who support Bethania Kids in the video below.

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