Their lives began with little hope of an education, a good job, or a happy future. They began with heartache, loss, and poverty. But this is not how their lives continued. Four boys were born into difficult situations, but by the grace of God were brought to one of our Bethania Kids Centers. From the moment they entered one of our homes, their futures were filled with hope, their hearts were filled with love, and their journey of faith began.

For Abraham, Leela, Oliver and Naga Raju, a journey to the United States of America seemed a far-fetched idea. While growing up in a Bethania Kids Center, they each knew that they were being supported by families in America, but the thought hardly crossed their minds that they would visit those families. Their Journey of Faith is coming full circle this May as all four of these boys board a plane and make their way to America to visit you the individuals, churches, and families who are responsible for changing their lives.

They will be visiting many different states on their visit, including Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Arizona (for the entire tour schedule, click here). At each of their stops, they will be sharing their testimony, telling everyone they meet what their life was like before joining a Bethania Kids Center,  what it was like growing up in a Bethania Kids Center, and finally, they are going to give their testimony of faith, hope, and love.

Please pray with us that the young men visiting will make it here safely, and that there trip will impact the lives of those they meet. There are still a few available time slots open if you would like the journey to make a stop in your hometown. Please contact us as soon as possible if you are interested in hosting our visitors.


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