We are pleased to welcome Kate Hennig Teece as the new President of Bethania Kids, approved by the Board of Directors at the board meeting in November 2018. Kate is the daughter of Kristie and Gene Hennig and grand-daughter of Polly and Al Hennig, co-founders of Bethania Kids. As a child, Kate folded and stuffed newsletters for Bethania Kids mailings. In high school, while spending a semester studying at Kodaikanal International School, she interacted with Bethania Kids children at Shalom Home and at our Care Centers. Kate has served for the last 13 years in various roles and has been a member of the Board for the last 5 years.





Larry Zimmerman will remain on the Board of Directors as Chairman.  As Chairman, he will continue to work on the new Shalom Home project, completion of the Comprehensive Campaign, provide assistance with development and grants, and serve as a liaison between the Bethania Foundation, India Board of Trustees and the North America Board of Directors. The members of the Board of Directors extend their immense thanks to Larry for his very successful and productive leadership over the past 3 years and for his continuing service to Bethania Kids.

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