As we approach Thanksgiving, we asked all 47 children in one of our After School Care Centers what they are especially thankful for this year. Their answers are sincere and quite moving…

Abiya – “My father and mother were separated, but they reunited.”
Agila – “My father got healed after an insect bite.”
Alwin – “My family is building a new house.”
Anburaja – “My father was met with an accident twice, but now he has healed and has started working again.”
Angel Pavithra – “My father reduced his drinking.”
Anis Amirtha – “We do not own a house, but my grandfather just gave us a piece of land. We are praying to build a house.”
Anupriya – “My brother got a new job.”
Arockiam – “My father and mother were separated, but now they are united.”
Asha – “My father was an alcoholic and now he has stopped drinking.”
Ashwin – “My father and mother were separated, but now they are united.”
Banupriya – “My uncle gave me a new bike.”
Blessy – “My grandparents got a free grinder from the government.”
Bose – “My family is building a new house.”
Catherin – “We bought a cow.”
Christopher – “My brothers were in a fight and got wounded badly, but the Lord healed their wounds.”
Daniel – “My father bought a new motor bike.”
David – “At school, the teachers are happy with me.”
Evangelin – “There is peace between my father and mother.”
Indira – “Performance in my English has improved.”
Jenitha and Jensi – “Our father’s petty shop business has improved.”
Jeyanthi – “The government built a house for my family.”
Johnes – “My father gave me a play scooty.”
Kevin – “My mother healed from a stomach ulcer.”
Michael – “I used to be alone. But now I am happy and I like to talk to others.”
Mukesh R – “My father got injured while cutting wood. Now he is healed.”
Mukesh S – “My mother healed from a fever.”
Murali – “I improved my academic performance.”
Nivetha S – “I prayed for my father’s drinking habits and there is considerable improvement.”
Nivetha A – “There is happiness in my family.”
Praveena – “The government built a house for my family.”
Princiya – “I have considerably improved my studies.”
Rajesh – “My brother got a job.”
Ramya – “The economic condition of my family improved.”
Sackthimarimuttu – “My parents were separated for three years, but now they are back together.”
Sackthisubramani – “My sister had baldness on her head, but now there is considerable improvement.”
Saipriya – “My baby brother was born.”
Sanjai – “My father fell down in a pitand his face was injured very badly. The doctor advised plastic surgery, but by God’s grace he is healing without plastic surgery.”
Selvi – “My mother finally got a job after a very long time.”
Simon – “My family got help from an NGO and now the economic condition of the family has improved.”
Subha – “My sister (Suja) had a cyst in her neck. They suspected cancer, but it turned out to be a benign cyst and now she is happy.”
Suja – “I had a cyst in my neck. They suspected cancer, but it turned out to be a benign cyst.”
Utthiriyamary – “I improved in my academic performance.”
Varshini – “My sister got high scores in her government exam.”
Veni – “My father had a heart attack, but his health is better.”
Veronica – “After my sister’s demise my family was in a very sad condition. But now, we are feeling better.”

All the children in the After School Care Center send their deep appreciation and gratitude to you and all their supporters. Thanks to you, Bethania Kids has been able to provide all these children with a hopeful and bright future. Thank You and we pray you have a blessed Thanksgiving!

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