Coloring and Pencil Sketching Competition

With the success of last year’s Sports and Cultural Meet, Bethania Kids took up yet another joined community venture. The Coloring and Pencil Sketching Competition took place January 13-16 in Kannivadi, Tamil Nadu. During the weekend, Bethania Kids from across South India had the opportunity to meet and socialize. This time was especially enjoyed on the morning of the 15th when a sightseeing tour of the mountainous region of Kodaikanal (the site of numerous Bethania homes and projects) was held.

As determined by the Bethania Board of Trustees in India, the rationale for holding the program included the following:
– That God has bestowed everyone with at least one talent.
– That it is our responsibility to identify such talents in the children, helping them to be aware of these gifts and develop them.
– That these talents may take the form of powerful creative expression which the children wish to present to the world.
– That the children may be guided to make the best use of their talents both for the glory of God and for the common good of the society.

In addition, the Coloring and Pencil Sketching competition was held with the idea in mind to convert some of the pictures into products to sell such as greeting cards, calendars, wall hangings, etc. The work of the children could potentially generate income for Bethania in India and build a positive image of the organization in our local communities.