Bethania Kids Care Centers

Bethania Kids Care Centers are located throughout Kodaikanal and in Odisha. They are highly successful, with waiting lists for entry. These programs provide academic and Christian education, meals, clothing, health care and a safe and nurturing environment for children of extremely poor families so the parents can work. Without this care the children would likely be left on their own with little or no supervision and care. In Kodaikanal we offer five all-day early childhood care programs and seven after-school care programs. Most of the children from the early childhood programs join the after-school care programs once they start school, thereby assuring their continued academic success, Christian education and physical health.

The Bethania Kids Care Centers in Kodaikanal include Nathanael, Deborah, Joshua, Mahanaim and Mabel’s with two additional after school programs in Packiapuram (CSI Center) and the tribal area of Mannavanur. It is a joy to sit with the children and staff and to see the happy faces and grateful parents of the children.

In the state of Odisha (Orissa) we have two Care Centers at Cilpajodi and Dholdholi.

To insure the children are prepared and equipped every day for school, they are provided with:

  1. Backpacks
  2. School supplies including notebooks, pencils, rulers
  3. Umbrellas (very necessary in Kodaikanal)
  4. Sweaters
  5. Uniforms

Children from our Bethania Kids Care Centers are well mannered, respectful and listen carefully to instructions. Schools are always happy to accept students from our Care Centers and often remark that “Bethania Kids stand out”.