CSI After School Care Center

Located on the outskirts of Kodaikanal township in the Palni Hills of South India, our CSI After School Care Center serves 50 children who attend the CSI (Church of South India) Middle School as well as other schools in the Packiapuram area.

These children come to our After School Care Center where they have the opportunity to study and receive special assistance with their homework from our staff. A nutritious snack is provided, along with structured play time, Christian education and guidance. 15 of the children attending our CSI After School Care Center are graduates of our early childhood care programs.

For most of these children, who come from very poor families, it is very difficult to study at home due to family distractions, lack of adequate lighting and poor study environment. Our staff works closely with these children to insure optimal academic, physical and spiritual growth so they can look forward to the future with hope.