Mahanaim Care Center

Our full day early childhood Mahanaim Care Center is a respite and refuge for the 35 young children (ages 2-5) who attend. Some of the children are accompanied by their mothers who spend the day at the Women’s Empowerment Program, in the room next door, where they have the opportunity to learn skills that will contribute to the family income.

Coming from some of the poorest families in the area of Kodaikanal in the Palni Hills of South India (7000 ft. elevation), these children would otherwise spend the day with minimal supervision and care. Families are faced with poverty, alcoholism, abandonment, unemployment or day laborer wages. Their homes often lack running water and are one or two room houses with tin-sheet roofs. Inadequate clean drinking water and contagious diseases are especially hard on the younger children.

At Mahanaim Care Center they are welcomed by Kiruba and her nurturing and caring staff. They will get to play, sing songs, hear Bible stories, learn to read and write, but most importantly, learn about Jesus as their Savior. They will eat a nutritious lunch and have healthy snacks. The staff tracks their growth, provides immunizations along with nutritional supplements and additional health care if needed.

At Mahanaim Care Center these precious children are given hope and a chance for a better life. They will have a head start when they begin school with the education they have already received. With the socialization skills they have already learned they are on their way to becoming well-mannered and valuable citizens of their communities. And they walk with greater confidence through the difficulties they face in life as they carry with them the assurance of God’s love.