Mannavanur After School Care

Mannavanur is a remote tribal area in the Palni Hills of South India. While providing beautiful landscapes with crystal clear streams running past tiered hillsides lush with vegetables and rolling meadows, life in this area is harsh. Subsistence farming and casual day labor is the primary employment opportunity. Middle school is the maximum education offered with only one-third of the children attending school at all; the rest of the children have to work to support the family. Cultural beliefs are based on superstitions.

Yet it is among these people that God has provided us the opportunity to bring His word into their lives. Our After School Care Center not only provides structured study time to assure that our children stay in school and reach their maximum potentials, but also an opportunity to teach them of Jesus’ love and teachings. Health and growth measurements are maintained to assure their physical well-being, along with healthy snacks after school.

With God’s abundant blessings and the support of our donors, these 50 children who attend our Mannavanur After School Care program are being nurtured and equipped to change their lives through Jesus’ love.