Special School for the Disabled

The Special School for the Disabled in Poombarai provides special education, therapeutic services, counseling and medical care for children who otherwise would likely be abandoned or ignored. Here they learn to care for themselves, live a life of confidence and independence and become valued members of their families and community.

Located in a remote area of the Palni Hills, Poombarai is primarily an agricultural and farming community. Resources are limited and subsistence farming or casual day labor are the major sources of employment. Cultural beliefs are most often based on superstition so a child with physical and/or mental disabilities is frequently considered a curse and not worthy of care. Our Special School for the Disabled has served to challenge and disprove these beliefs as these precious children are taught that they are Children of God, worthy of love, respect and dignity. As they gain independence and are able to actively support their families and community, they become living proof of the strength and power of Jesus’ love.