Bethania Kids Residential Homes

By the time the 225 children now living in our four residence homes come to us, they have already experienced unimaginable tragedy and loss in their lives. Stories of abject poverty, abandonment, violence, abuse and loss of loved ones are, sadly, the norm. They are brought to us by family members, church workers, teachers and our own staff. From seeming hopelessness and despair, their lives are changed.

At our residence homes they are first assured of their value and worthiness as Children of God. Their physical needs are met with nutritious meals, clothing, a safe place to live and sleep as well as the health care so many of them initially require. Their emotional needs are met with counseling and the loving and nurturing care provided by our staff. They are given an academic education. And they are given a Christian education with Bible study, devotions, hymns and church attendance. To learn of Jesus’ love for them and the faith and confidence of His abiding grace is the foundation of hope.

The real disciples of Christ in our residence home ministries are our valued and committed staff who care for our children every day. By providing the love, compassion and understanding these children so desperately need they are given an opportunity to heal and become the treasured human beings God made them to be.

The smiles and laughter so evident in our children are testaments to what our residence homes mean to them. They also treasure and appreciate the support of their sponsors as they often ask visitors “are you a sponsor”? And when the answer is “yes”, they shake your hand and say “thank you, thank you”. They pray for their sponsors in their devotions.

Nurturing and equipping our children to change their lives through Jesus’ love is our mission. Through God’s abundant blessings, our mission is being accomplished in our residential homes.