Dayavu Home – Kannivadi

Dayavu Boys

In a farming community at the foothills of South India’s Western Ghats mountain range, under a canopy of 1000 coconut trees, you will find our Dayavu Home. Under the loving and caring guidance of Priscilla Dhanapal Mohl and her staff, our girls are happy and active. They love to dance, tend the many animals and plants on the 6.5 acre site, and work hard at their studies. After evening homework and devotions are complete, they enjoy time playing caroms and 5 stones. Right now the girls in 10th standard are putting in many extra hours of work preparing for their 10th standard government exams.

Dayavu Home was the first Bethania Kids home founded in 1987 for both girls and boys. However, recent government regulations require boys and girls to be housed separately, necessitating moving the boys to Bethel Home in Kodaikanal while keeping the girls at Dayavu Home. After the end of the school year in June 2015 the girls will move to Shalom Home in Kodaikanal and the 36 boys from Bethel Home will move to Dayavu Home.

After 28 years, the Dayavu Home needs some tender loving care with electrical improvements, a fence around the property, painting and a residence home for the new staff. A recent kitchen addition and two new wells were recently completed. With the end of a 3-year drought and the new wells, the beautiful garden ambience is being restored.

While 36 boys will be moving to Dayavu Home from Bethel Home, it has the capacity for 60 boys. Mr. Paramadass and his wife Amala will be the new “parents” for the boys at Dayavu, with Priscilla Mohl moving to Kodaikanal to manage programs there. Our young men will benefit from a planned vocational training center on site to give them the skills in a trade for future employment.