Grace Home for Girls – Nagercoil

Grace Girls

Grace Home draws poor girls primarily from villages within 20 miles of Nagercoil. Some have experienced the death of one or both parents, some experienced desertion and rejection, and some have families who are so poverty-stricken that they are unable to care for their children. Without our intervention possible outcomes could include prostitution, forced begging and labor, and various other forms of abusive exploitation.

But at Grace Home, they have found refuge and healing under the loving care of Selvi Monikaraj and her staff. Here, in this nurturing environment, the girls learn about God’s unconditional love for them and they receive constant assurance that their lives matter

It’s only 5 o’clock in the morning, yet many of the 91 girls at Grace Home are waking up. Before going to the nearby Lutheran school there is still some studying to do, devotions, exercise, chores and breakfast. Even on Sundays, church is at 7 a.m. In the evenings after study time, devotions and dinner there is time to play and have fun with each other. They take their studies very seriously and stay busy with tending their garden, music, dance and creative arts. Their laughter and happy chatter cannot be missed!

Our girls are very successful academically as well as in extra-curricular activities. They win awards in science, sports, Sunday school, essay writing, dance and singing elocution. Some of their favorite weekend activities are field trips to the coast where they get to buy fish directly from the boats. They are very proud of the beautiful gardens they plant and care for, much of it producing vegetables and fruit for the home. Their most recent experiment was growing turmeric (which is a regular ingredient in Indian curries) and were so thrilled when they dug up their first roots!

Bethania Foundation, India owns Grace Home, which is adjacent to the Lutheran Seminary in Nagercoil. Selvi has created a Career Center to introduce children to the opportunities for future employment and the pathways to achievement. We are very proud of our graduates not only in their professional success but also in the way they spread the love they learned at Grace Home by giving back to Grace Home, to their families, their work environments and their communities. Please read about some of them below.