Grace Home Graduates

Mary Bai Motchadhas is now a student studying in her third year with a Bachelor of Commerce major. She will finish her studies in June of 2017. Mary Bai has dedicated her life for church ministry. After her graduation, she will go on for theological training in the Salvation Army Training College.


Anbarasi Thirumal finished her school finals and had started work as a sales girl in a fancy articles shop. She has since left that job and enrolled in college. She is now a second year Bachelor of Science student. We are praying that God will bless her in her studies and that she may find a good profession upon graduation.

Gracy Francis finished her Tenth Standard (High School) and opted to train as a tailor. She finished three years in a tailoring course in the nearby Dorcas Tailoring Institute. She passed embroidery and cutting and went on for further studies for Teachers Training in Tailoring. Gracy is a hard working student and passed the government examination in all three years. She is currently staying with her paternal aunt and working as a tailor in a shop.


Nancy Ramaiya comes from Mumbai, where she lost both of her parents. Nancy’s maternal uncle brought her to Grace Home when she was 10. She did not know Tamil (the local language) so was put into an English medium school and completed 12th grade. A good dancer, she was also a very nice, polite and loving girl. The aunt of one of her friends introduced Nancy to the local Rotary Queens Club, which now supports her studies towards a Bachelor of Commerce.Nancy accepted Jesus and was baptized while at Grace Home. A regular church goer, she loves to read the Bible and is a communicant member of the local Lutheran Church.

Sindhu Vel Perumal and Sasikala Vel Perumal lost their father, leaving their poor and ill mother unable to feed her two daughters. She brought them to Grace Home where our loving Lord has led them to a wonderful life. Sasikala has become a medical nurse and is now married. Sindhu has become an electronic and computer engineer. Both Sindhu and Sasikala, along with their mother, are grateful to our Lord and Bethania. These two girls have promised they will help Bethania Kids in every possible way.

Jenitha Vijayan is now a college girl studying for a degree in Commerce. A semi-orphan, with nobody to support and care for her, Jenitha came to Grace Home. After finishing 12th grade with the highest score in the school final exam in Grace Home, she is now studying for her degree in Commerce.


Veni Murugan’s parents both died of tuberculosis one after the other. She came to Grace Home when she was 10 years old. Now she is a pretty young girl of 19. After successfully finishing her 12th grade, she joined Tailoring classes and is now a tailor. Thanks to Bethania, she has become an independent girl with a promising future.

Chithra Chandri was brought to Grace Home by her mother, who was determined to find a better future for her daughter than she could provide. After finishing high school she got her B.Sc. in nursing. It was her own experience with leprosy (treated and now cured) which spurred her interest in medicine and now provides her a fulfilling and successful profession.

Devika Dhas’s mother, unable to care for Devika herself, brought her to Grace Home. After finishing high school she studied Electronics and Communication Engineering.Devika came to know of Jesus when she came to Grace Home. She accepted Jesus as her Savior and was baptized and confirmed at the local Lutheran church. She feels that without her Savior, she would not have dreamed of such a peaceful and prosperous life.

Muthupriya and her older sister Ayira Muthu, were cared for by their elderly grandmother. When she died they both came to Grace Home. Ayira is now a nurse in Chennai and since Muthupriya’s goal is to become a teacher, she is attending teacher training college.They come from a Hindu family, but after reading the Bible and hearing of Jesus’ love at Grace Home, accepted Jesus as their Savior and were baptized. Muthupriya is a communicant member of the local Lutheran church. The love of Jesus, shown through Bethania, has saved these two girls from the clutches of poverty and neglect.

Anisha Arul came to Grace Home when she and her three younger brothers were orphaned and had no family willing to care for them. Her three younger brothers were put in a boys’ boarding nearby. Anisha struggled with academics at school and was always gloomy, worrying about her younger brothers. But her faith and belief in Jesus helped her to work hard and get through her high school public examination so she could take tailoring courses. She is now happy and confident. She was baptized and confirmed and is now a communicant member of CSI (Church of South India).

Christal Margrett, a semi-orphan, was sober and gloomy when she joined Grace Home. But as days went by, due to the love and care shown to this dear girl, she slowly overcame that attitude. She started reading her Bible and got comfort in her Lord. Now she has become a lady who always has a smiling face–at times laughing and sharing happier moments of life. She is also a good dancer. She was baptized and confirmed in the local Lutheran church. Although school was a challenge for her she did get through her high school final exams and joined a nursing course. She is now a medical nurse working near Grace Home and wants to be a Florence Nightingale. She regularly visits Grace Home and is a good counselor for the younger girls.