Angel Home – Rajahmundry

Angel Home Boys

Entering the gates of Angel Home is like being welcomed home by the 45 boys who live there! Holding your hand, they will eagerly show you the many fruit trees they have planted and care for, ask you to play cricket, soccer, volleyball or caroms with them, or invite you to share in their morning or evening devotions. You will leave with much of their energy and joy in your heart.  They study hard and have a busy schedule during the week, but Sundays are always for church.

Our boys at Angel Home come from the city of Rajahmundry (in Andra Pradesh) and its 21 surrounding villages.  Without our intervention, possible outcomes for these boys could include gang activity, forced begging and labor along with various other forms of abusive exploitation of poor children.

But under the guiding hand of Solomon Mungamuri and the loving and nurturing parenting of  U. Satya and his wife Mani, the lives of these boys will be very different.   Morning and evening devotions (usually conducted by the boys), Bible study and prayer are an integral part of their day.  A rigid academic program has resulted in outstanding students.  The boys study very hard, understanding that education is the pathway to a good future.  Solomon has also instituted a model for tutors, two of whom come early in the morning and again in the evening to help the boys with their schoolwork, further enabling them to succeed academically.  In the words of Anil, “I was a street boy!  I had no home.  I lived, slept, begged and survived from day to day.  Bethania took me in and saved my life.  At Angel Home the staff show me I am loved by God,  and the boys and staff are my family.  Education is the key to my future when I leave Bethania on my own.”  Bethania Kids needs your help sponsoring scholarships for young men and women like Anil to chart their futures.

Angel Home was built in 2001 and is owned by Bethania Foundation India.  The boys help care for and tend chickens and cows, which provide food and milk for the home; they plant, water and harvest the fruit from the many trees grown at the home and are responsible for maintaining and cleaning their living spaces.  But when they have time to play, they know how to play!  Soccer, volleyball, cricket and music all contribute to the exuberant smiles on these well-mannered and energetic boys at Angel Home.  The love and care they receive are obvious in the way they treat each other, the staff and the home.