Shalom Home for Girls – Kodaikanal

Shalom Girls

Shalom Home for girls is located in Kodaikanal, a beautiful hill station located in the Palni Hills of South India. Shalom Home is a place where you will find joy, energy and a real sense of family. For those presently living there, along with the many who have graduated, it is a haven for these precious girls who have lost either one or both of their parents. The girls often come from poor families and are sometimes emotionally traumatized or physically exploited. Shalom Home is a place of healing, growing and learning, where they are nurtured and equipped to change their world through Jesus’ love. Our girls are flourishing under the loving care of Josephine Selvam and her staff, who cook nutritious meals, walk the young girls to school, wash clothes, clean the home and care for each of the girls as their own.

The girls from Shalom Home have high educational standards, are leaders in the classroom and actively participate in sports and academic activities in the various local schools they attend. Many of them are award winners in school competitions. Song and dance, school work, Bible study and art work are favorite activities among the girls. Sundays they worship at church and enjoy dramatizing Bible characters. An air of confidence can be found in each of them as they grow in their own self-worth and abilities as well as their knowledge of their Lord.

Those who graduate from Shalom Home and begin lives on their own are also doing well. Some have taken Office Management training, others are in nurses training. And they haven’t forgotten the love and care they received at Shalom as they return to mentor their younger “sisters”, provide computer training, help with homework and provide encouragement and hope. As Ramya, one of our graduates so beautifully said, “Since my childhood until now, Bethania is my refuge and my fortress. Bethania met all my needs. I lost my mother, but at Bethania I got father, mother, aunts, sisters, brothers and friends. At the right time Bethania took care of me and molded me.”

Shalom Home has been maintained in rented space since its inception, resulting in the need to move the home to new facilities every 3-4 years. To better serve these girls, a new permanent location has begun Batlagundu and will open in late 2020 with your help and support.