Arulmozhi is from a village near Cuddalore, a coastal town in South Tamil Nadu, India, where fishing is the main source of income. This town was badly affected by the Tsunami in 2004.

When Arulmozhi was very little, her mother left her father to marry another man. At that time Arulmozhi was left in the care of her maternal grandmother, who was too old to work or give her the care she needed.

Arulmozhi used to sell papers and discarded items she found in the street in order to buy rice for her and her grandmother. She would also steal food and coins from the local temples and shops to quench her hunger. Sometimes Arulmozhi would even collect liquor bottles which were thrown in the public bins and sip the leftover alcohol.

When Arulmozhi joined Bethania Kids Shalom Children’s Home, she had several behavioral and attitudinal issues. Gradually, Arulmozhi grew to physical, mental, and spiritual wholeness by the Grace of God and through the generosity of Bethania’s donors around the world.

Arulmozhi is now 13 years old and in 7th grade. She is a committed student and has shown a talent for drawing, dancing, and drama. With a bright smile, she tells everybody that Shalom is her true Home. When she is older, Arulmozhi aspires to share the love that has been shown her by becoming a missionary in Orissa, one of the most impoverished provinces in North India.

Written by Dency Michael

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