1. How is my contribution of $35/month used? Bethania Kids’ Board of Advisors make a commitment to underwrite the entire administrative budget, including staffing, mailing costs and promotional costs, so that 100% of Sponsor A Child (SAC) donations are used in direct ministry to children. The children’s living needs of food, housing, clothing, education, transportation, and medical care are provided for using these funds. The Board of Directors closely monitors expenditures to ensure that they are within the budget committed to by the Board.
  2. Through Bethania’s child sponsorship program, will I get to know a specific child, personally? Our approach to child sponsorship is community-based. We believe that the natural community of the child is the village, town or city in which he or she lives. We want each child to not become dependent on support from the United States, but simply be lifted out of a dire situation and given an opportunity to survive, to thrive and to give back. We have also noticed that in traditional sponsorship programs, when one child receives many gifts and letters (because some sponsors will want to write often and send regular gifts) the other children may feel that they are not loved. So, in a community approach to sponsorship, you begin a relationships with a particular ministry, and so support all of the children there. Your $30 may cover the costs of one child, but you will get to know all of the children, the staff, the ministry and the community in which it is located. Bethania Kids will keep you updated with news and prayer concerns to connect you to India and the children of India in a personal and inspiring way. Through this, your relationship with Jesus will surely deepen as well!
  3. How many homes are there and how many children are served? Bethania currently has 4 Homes, 6 Kids Care Centers, 5 After School Centers, 2 Special Schools for children with disabilities and 5 Women’s Empowerment Programs. Our ministries are located in three states of southern India in the villages of Kannivadi, Kodaikanal, Nagercoil and Poombarai in Tamil Nadu, Dholdholi and Cilpajodi in Odisha and Rajahmundry in Andhra Pradesh. These homes and care centers serve over 900 children. They include Group Homes, Care Centers for the disabled, training for women in the Women’s Empowerment programs and Public Health Educational Programs for Families and Communities.
  4. Can I visit the children in my community? If you are planning a trip to India or would like to join a group going to Bethania Kids, we encourage you to contact our office. We can help you to get connected to our Mission Trips team.
  5. Can I support Bethania through matching funds at my employer or Thrivent Choice? Yes, Bethania Kids welcomes gift matching from your place of employment. Additionally, Bethania Kids is listed as a charity of choice through Thrivent Choice.
  6. When was Bethania Kids started? Bethania Kids was started in 1987 when a small group of Christians in the United States and in India were moved with compassion to reach out with Christ’s love to some of the poorest children of Tamil Nadu, South India. Our first home in Kannivadi was built in 1988.
  7. How is Bethania Kids run and what’s the governance structure? Bethania Kids has a U.S. Board of Directors and an Indian Board of Trustees. These boards work in partnership to ensure that the mission and vision of the organization are being executed with a systematic approach to excellence in child care, education, spiritual guidance and discipleship, and development of vocational skills. Additionally, we have an Board of Advisors who provide work, wealth and wisdom, personally funding all administrative expenses of our organization and promoting the ministry of Bethania Kids.
  8. What is the duration of my commitment? We welcome your involvement in SAC for as long as you wish. You are free to tell us how you would like to give (i.e., monthly/yearly, electronic/check, one year/ongoing).
  9. Where do I go with questions about Bethania Kids? If you have further questions, please contact us by sending an e-mail to wendy@bethaniakids.org or by calling 800-993-5179.

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