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Sponsor a Child Like Ruby

Posted by on April 29, 2016

Not even four years old, Ruby already knows the difference between a safe, loving and caring environment and a frightening, angry one.  She began receiving loving care at our Mahanaim Care Center when it was apparent her family was unable to provide adequate food, clothing or medical treatment.  Along with her mother, father and a baby brother, Ruby lives in a thatched house with a mud floor, lacking in toilet facilities and electricity.  Her father is an alcoholic who spends what little money he makes as a daily laborer on alcohol.  With a young baby, her mother has been unable to work.  Having no other relatives to care for her, Ruby was suffering from lack of basic needs as well as a safe environment in which to live and play.

At Mahanaim Care Center Ruby’s life is very different.  She receives spiritual, moral and educational training, nutritious food and health care.  She can also play with other children in a safe and nurturing environment.  At Mahanaim, she understands God’s love through songs, stories and scripture verses.  Through the family visits and community programs sponsored by Mahanaim, her parents also receive valuable advice and help.

Sponsor a Child Like Ramesh and Harish

Posted by on April 29, 2016

Ramesh, his younger brother, Harish, and their mother lived in a one-room mud hut with a roof of coconut leaves and no water or toilet facilities.  When their father, who was a manual laborer, died in an accident over a year ago, his mother was only able to find work as an unskilled worker in a soap factory, with a minimal salary.  Facing so many difficulties and unable to provide adequate food, care or schooling for her two sons, their mother brought them both to our Dayavu Home which is 25 miles from where they lived.

Both Ramesh, who is in 5th grade and Harish, who is in 3rd grade, are now thriving at Dayavu Home. They are willing volunteers for any chores to be done, love their new friendships with the other boys, enjoy the peacocks and cattle, and play on the swing and seesaw located on the property.

The boys smile when they talk about the care they receive at Dayavu Home and the fabulous support it is for their family.  They are grateful for their education, medical help, protection, shelter, food, clothing and spiritual guidance.  Although from a Hindu family, both Ramesh and Haresh love to read Scripture lessons.

Both brothers dream of one day becoming police officers.

Sponsor a Child Like G. Kowsalya

Posted by on April 29, 2016

When Kowsalya first came to Joshua Care Center she was 2½ years old. Her mother did her best working as a daily laborer, but when her husband deserted her, she was left with three very young children and no relatives or family to help her. Because of these circumstances, Kowsalya had no one to care for her needs during the day, was left completely unsupervised, allowed to roam on her own and received no regular meals.

Kowsalya is now 12 years old and doing very well in her 7th grade studies. When she first came to Joshua Care Center with nothing, our staff embraced her, provided her with food, clothing, shelter, education and above all, the knowledge of our loving Lord. They nurtured her through her preschool years, and now that she is in school, Kowsalya continues to receive care in our After School Care program.  Kowsalya demonstrates her appreciation for Bethania ministries by being very respectful of her teachers, taking part in all cultural activities, working to keep Joshua Care Center clean and helping other children in their studies.

Please join us in praying for Kowsalya and her family that through God’s grace and blessings, they are able to overcome the limitations of poverty to live productive and bountiful lives.

Sponsor a Child Like Prince Joshua

Posted by on April 29, 2016

Deborah Care Center’s After-School Program is the one solace in Prince’s difficult life.  He lives with 5 other family members in a one-room home that was donated to his family by a local priest because of their incredibly poor circumstances. In addition to his sister and his alcoholic father, his grandparents and mentally handicapped aunt also live there. Their collective income is hardly enough to support the family, so it is no surprise that under these circumstances, Prince was deprived of adequate food, clothing and educational support.

When he arrives at our Deborah Care Center’s After-School Program, the nutritious snack he receives is very much appreciated since it helps to boost his energy and concentration so he can study. Our staff tutors Prince  with his 3rd grade school work, with a focus on the subjects he finds most difficult so he may succeed academically. Prince dreams of one day working in the Indian Administrative Service where he will have the opportunity to help other poor children.

Prince asks that you pray with him, for his bright future, for harmony in his family and that we all live for our loving Lord.

Sponsor a Child Like Shanu Pujari

Posted by on April 29, 2016

Shanu Pujari lives with his mother, two brothers and sister in a mud and straw-thatched house, that leaks during the rainy season.  Before Shanu came to our Cilpajodi Care Center, he spent his days tending cattle, goats and sheep instead of going to school, not getting any palatable food, and wearing only torn and used clothes. Shanu was insecure, gloomy, and without hope in his life.

He now faces life with joy and a smile on his face.  He now studies with discipline, reads and writes Oriya (their local language) and a little English and Hindi.  Although he comes from a Hindu family, Shanu avidly reads the Bible, enjoys singing songs and hymns and memorizing Bible verses.

Shanu prays for the salvation of his family members.  Since his family has no money for his schooling, Bethania Kids is providing this support.  Shanu also asks for your prayers for a bicycle so he will be able to ride the 5 miles to his new school when he continues his studies next year in 7th grade.