Women’s Empowerment Programs

sewing machine

In India, many women face the difficult challenges of poverty, abandonment, abuse and alcoholism. Bethania Kids’ mission is bringing wholeness and hope to women who are in turn bringing hope to their families. Our existing programs, with 12 women in Poombarai, 25 women at Mabel’s Care Center and 15 women at Mahanaim Care Center, provide basic vocational training, assistance with family planning, encouragement, support, and a start for earning income for their families. There are also Women’s Empowerment Programs in Cilpajodi and Dholdholi.

A day at a Women’s Empowerment Program will see women busily sewing dresses, coats and pants on sewing machines provided by Bethania and Orphan Grain Train; knitting scarves and hats; weaving baskets and purses. A woman must save 3-4 years in order to buy her own machine. We would like to advance this program qualitatively and quantitatively with investment to achieve the following:

Women Empowerment

  • Purchase new and better quality sewing, embroidery and tailoring machines at each location.
  • Provide sewing materials of higher quality to upgrade their products.
  • Provide micro financing to enable a woman to start a business of her own and produce goods.
  • Purchase additional equipment and materials for our residence homes for vocational training.
  • Hire a full time staff member to train and implement the program and create an outlet for the sale of products.